Commercial Computer

What is a Commercial Computer?

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Commercial Computer

The term commercial computers are often called industrial PCs.  It's a very broad term and is usually used to describe computers used in intensive and active environments.  By running in peak performance long hours at a time, it requires the computer to have more liable components, different to consumer grade products.  

Commercial computers, often also called industrial PCs are normally found in Kiosk or industrial environment and generally in situations where the casing is enclosed and not easily accessible unlike consumer desktop PCs.   In a lot of scenarios, commercial and industrial computers are also designed to vent and cool easily and sometimes come completely fan-less.  Fanned computer systems aren't usually as reliable as it brings in air and dust in the area, which may lead to overheating, and possible degradation of the components.  At Actineon, we offer a variety of commercial computing selections both Siilent and Wiisper models can work great for many applications.  The industrial computers are trusted by many to operate their businesses 24/7 and are engineered to last. 

Rugged PCs?

Commercial computers come in many different forms, both sleek and rugged.  An example of a commercial or rugged PC may be self checkout stations or kiosks at a supermarket or a vending machine set outside with s screen.  Rugged PCs can be computers used outdoors by industrial designers or robotics companies that require durability and industrial grade components in a commercial computer. 


Whether you are looking for a fan-less PC for your media player, or an industrial solution for your POS system, we're here to help.