What is an Embedded Computer?

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What is an Embedded Computer?

An embedded computer is a microcontroller or microprocessor based system devised to perform a specific function. Embedded computers are designed to be part of a larger system, unlike consumer-grade computers. Embedded computers can be found in almost all of all modern technology. Embedded computer systems use less power than a desktop computer and can be fanless. Because they are task-specific, they are designed to operate in their intended environment and can be made to withstand harsh conditions. Embedded computers were first developed to be installed on the Apollo Command Module and Lunar Model for NASA’s missions to the moon. 

Important Features of Embedded Computers

Embedded computers cannot function on its own, and must be a part of a larger mechanical or electronic system. Software for embedded computers is stored in the ROM or firmware with specific software in the memory. Embedded computer systems are compact and smaller than desktop computers. As they are often designed to run 24/7, they are built to be reliable. 

Usages for Embedded Computers

Some examples of where embedded computers are used are: 

Washing Machines



Digital Cameras

Navigation Systems



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