workstation solutions 


Purpose-built workstations offer increased productivity at reduced costs by optimizing each element of the computer to extract the most performance out of the application for every dollar spent on hardware.

Product design & Manufacturing

Create 3D models, run functional simulations, create manufacturing documentation, and visualize results; faster and more reliably than ever before on an Actineon purpose-built workstation. 


Explore the limits of your creativity in stunning 30-bit color at speeds that you have probably never experienced. Make the world your studio by bringing along an Actineon Workstations crafted specifically for your needs.


Transform your visions into reality, create expansive structures, change material properties, and create virtual fly-throughs; all with the speed and precision of an Actineon purpose-built workstation.

Rendering & Production

Create stunning photorealistic and detailed images with powerful tools. See concepts brought to life and visualized in a realistic setting. Bring dimension and depth into your projects.