What are rackmounts?

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Rackmounting is a recognized description of particular tech devices. This hardware will be capable of being mounted to an actual rack or a special rack. It’s a common choice for big businesses who are looking to hold key tech securely. This could include: 

- Switches

- Routers

- Servers 

Rackmounts are part of the typical layout for a cloud server room in a business address. Products that will fit the industry size computer racks and cabinets will usually match the standard 19 inch width. It’s worth noting that rackmount devices are typically 1.75 inch units. 

Rackmount Measurements

Rackmounts are measured in U which is the common reference for a rack unit. This is the standard 1.75 inches. It can be used to measure 23 inch and 19 inch frames or the height for the equipment that is mounted.As an example, a rack cage could be 31U high. In contrast, a typical standard piece of equipment could be 1U or 4U high. 

What Is The Standard Rack Size?

The standard rack size is usually going to be somewhere over six feet which is about 42U. Alternatively, a ‘half height’ rack is going to be between 18 and 22U. That’s near to three feet.It’s worth noting that the term ‘half-rack’ can have various different meanings which can lead to confusion. For instance, it could describe a piece of equipment that does fit a particular number of rack units despite being half the width of a 19 inch rack. That’s usually the case if a product requires more than 1U height.  

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