Everything you Need to Know about Gateways

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What is a Gateway? 

A gateway is a device that makes a connection between two dissimilar networks possible, acting as a bridge. A gateway can convert and operate multiple protocols, making it able to facilitate communication between networks with different protocols. A gateway can be software, hardware, or both. It serves as a stopping point between two networks so it protects the nodes within the networks. 

Different Types of Gateways

There are many different types of gateways that serve different purposes. Cloud storage gateways connect local applications and remote cloud-based storage. IoT gateways connect IoT devices, the cloud, and equipment. Internet to orbit gateways bridge systems circling the Earth to computers on the internet. 

Gateway Uses

Gateways in the form of a modem allow users to be online by connecting to the internet service provider’s network. In an office setting, a gateway is a computer that connects the internal network to the internet. Email security gateways protect against viruses and malware.  


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