VESA Mount

What is a VESA Mount?

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VESA refers to Video Electronics Standards Association. This is the group that provided the standards for display panel mounting possibilities. Indeed, the mounting standard provided by this organization is known as the Mounting Interface Standard or MIS. it is this standard that determines how different monitors can be mounted. That includes panel PCs as well as the more typical TV. 

What Are The Typical Options?

While there are a variety of different standards to consider, the most common choice is MIS-D 100 or MIS-D 75. This is a possibility for screens that are less than 30 pounds. In a case like this, the screws are arranged in a square of 100 , 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm.  The specifications set by VESA for a particular product or screen will usually be found in the instructions. However, you can also measure the distance between the holes provided. This could be anything from 75 x 75 up to 800 x 600.

A key benefit of the VESA mount is that it has been adopted by virtually every important TV and tech manufacturer. As such, you will find that the holes do fit this particular standard. It’s also worth noting that the size remains the same regardless of how the screen is going to be fitted including if it is tiltable or turnable.

The VESA mount is constantly changing. This is necessary because screens are getting larger and also lighter. This changes the area of the mount required however producers of tech like this constantly take the VESA mount into account when creating their products.  


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