What is an Outdoor Computer?

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What is an Outdoor Computer?

An outdoor computer is designed to withstand the elements—whether it is an outdoor kiosk in a national park that helps tourists or a monitoring system designed to track motorists’ license plates. It is generally part of a larger system which may include a display. Many outdoor computers have NEMA 4 enclosures. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer’s Assocation) sets standards for grades of electrical enclosures and NEMA 4 is rated as watertight. Outdoor computers must have displays that are easily visible in all lighting conditions.

Important Features for an Outdoor Computer

As an outdoor computer is required to operate 24/7, it must be extremely reliable. Many are fanless, as fans are moving parts that can break down, and are passively cooled instead. To protect against dust and water, an outdoor computer is entirely enclosed, which can cause a problem in regards to overheating. An outdoor computer is often subject to power useage limitations and thus must be able to run with less power. 


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