What makes a computer industrial grade?

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Defining Industrial Grade

Industrial grade computers or industrial computers are designed to be shock and vibration proof, withstand extreme temperatures, and have special filters to protect against dirt and humidity. Many industrial computers are fanless and also offer protection against contaminants with IP protection. Their design and higher-grade power supply prevents voltage spikes that break down components over time. Although the initial cost will be higher, there will be a lot of money saved in the long run from not having to constantly replace a computer that is not meant for the rigorous wear and tear of industrial use. 

 Where are Industrial Computers used?

Industrial computers are in a variety of environments due to their durability. They are used in amusement parks, the military, and even for aerospace applications.  


Whether you are looking for a fan-less PC for your media player, or an industrial solution for your POS system, we're here to help.