AutoCAD is used to create intricate 2D and 3D structures by professionals. It has industry-specific features and useful tools for architecture, engineering, and more. Get a workstation that wont hold you back.

The Actineon Report below was created through the best efforts of Actineon's solution architects, and occasionally improved upon by feedback from users with a different perspective.  Therefore, you can count on these recommendations to be a superb foundation upon which to configure a SolidWorks workstation. 


Does the application benefit from high clock rate CPUs?

Yes, Virtually all applications will benefit from a high clock speed

Does the application benefit from a high number of CPU cores?

AutoCAD is a mainly single-threaded application meaning it is not able to make use of multiple cores effectively. Higher clocking speeds will be extremely beneficial for this application. Some reasons to look into higher cores is if you wish to run other applications in the background. In this case, having multiple cores may be beneficial. However, generally when the number of cores gets higher, clocking speed slows slightly.

For reasons stated above and threading recommendations below, Actineon recommends high clock speed CPUs with 6 to 10 cores for good all-round SolidWorks performance.

Does hyperthreading (Intel) or simultaneous multithreading (AMD) help or hurt application performance?

Hyper threading does not hurt the performance of the application. However, AutoCAD is not a multithreaded application and will not be able to utilize the multiple cores virtually made available with multithreading. Later releases of Autocad are capable of utilizing dual processors, however, no more than two cores will be utilized.

Additionally, hyperthreading may be beneficial to help other operations and to increase the responsiveness of your computer for any background programs you may want to run.

How much memory do you recommend

While the exact amount of RAM you need is going to depend on your particular projects,16-32 GB should be enough for most users. In extreme cases, if you will be doing a large amount of complex, high resolution rendering, you may need 64GB or even more RAM. However that is uncommon.

Actineon recommends getting At least 16 GB of RAM for AutoCAD

ECC Memory or Non-ECC Memory

This comes down to the purpose you choose to use it for. ECC(Error-Correcting code) detects and fixes errors in the code. This would be very important for industries where data errors are unacceptable. ECC slows down performance very slightly ~2%. 

While not necessary, our Actineon specialists will always recommend having an ECC memory card for workstations dealing with sensitive data and of high importance.

What disk storage is recommended?

SSDs are always a good choice, they transfer information much faster than other disk drives. The Gen 3 (Intel) and Gen 4 (AMD) drives have roughly 5x and 10x the transfer rates of SATA 3.0 drive respectively, so all Actineon systems include at least one NVMe SSD.

Two striped NVMe drives (RAID 0) can significantly improve system performance over one drive so some users may want to consider using two smaller drives to achieve the overall desired disk capacity instead of one large drive.

SATA SSDs (and rotating disks) are slower but cost less than NVMe drives and are therefore good candidates for secondary storage such as local project (or system) backup and retrieval.

Actineon recommends at least 500 Gigabytes for a new workstation purchase. We support configurations of 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB of primary storage using one or two NVMe SSDs; and secondary SATA disk storage of up to 8TB of SSD in our GoStation, or 16TB of storage in our DeskStation.

What GPU is recommended?

For 2D projects, only a basic graphics card will be necessary. 3D projects Actineon recommends the NVidia Quadro RTX 4000 card as a good all-round GPU capable of extracting high performance out of graphics intensive tasks while also offering good support for rendering. If ECC is demanded for your system (including the GPU) you will need to upgrade a step further to a Quadro RTX 5000 at a rather significant step up in costs. 

 What OS do you recommended?

For professional Workstation use, we recommend Windows 10 Pro. Make sure to check the compatibility of the version of your Application if you plan to use other Operating Systems. 

See something, say something

If you don't like  the information found about or believe it to be in error please let us know by submitting a recommended improvement. Actineon offers a $100 reward for  information that improves upon our recommendations in a material fashion. 




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